CCC Online Test in English | CCC Practice Set - 1 (English)

CCC Online Test

CCC Online Test 50 Questions in English

01. What is the maximum limit of RTGS?

--- Answer is----> D) No Limit

02. What is the full form of IMEI?

--- Answer is-----> B) International Mobile Equipment identity

03. In LibreOffice Writer, in which menu are Bold, Italic, Underline found?

--- Answer is-----> A) Format

04. When was the NEFT service introduced?

--- Answer is-----> B) 2005

05. How many digits is the ATM PIN?

--- Answer is-----> A) 4

06. What kind of program is LibreOffice Impress?

--- Answer is-----> C) Presentation

07. By what name do you know the first slide in the presentation?

--- Answer is-----> A) Title Slide

08. What is the full form of WWWW?

--- Answer is-----> C) World Wide Web Warm

09. What is M-banking?

--- Answer is-----> C) Mobile-banking

10. What is Mozilla Firefox?

--- Answer is-----> C) Web browser

11. What is required in Digital Locker?

--- Answer is-----> A) Aadhar Card

12. What does means B in B2B?

--- Answer is-----> B) Business

13. What is the maximum zoom% in LibreOffice Impress?

--- Answer is-----> A) 3000

14. = What will be the value of =Ceiling(120, 11)?

--- Answer is-----> B) 121

15. Which side is the Minimize, Maximize & Close button in Ubuntu?

--- Answer is-----> B) Left

16. Ctrl + W can close the LibreOffice Calc Workbook

--- Answer is-----> A) True

17. What is the correct way to increase the width of columns in a table?

--- Answer is-----> C) Both Above

18. Amazon is an example of which of these?

--- Answer is-----> C) B2C

19. An example of an urban network?

--- Answer is-----> B) MAN

20. How many reactions do Facebook have?
--- Answer is-----> B) 6

21. Where does Endnote appear in a Writer document?

--- Answer is-----> B) Below page

22. What is the maximum file attachment size in GMAIL?

--- Answer is-----> C) 25MB

23. The printer quality depends?

--- Answer is-----> B) Dots per Inch

24. What is LibreOffice Writer's Default View?

--- Answer is-----> A) Normal view

25. Bing belong to which company?

--- Answer is-----> C) Microsoft

26. Which of the following is the least secure arrangement?

--- Answer is-----> D) Key card

27. Who invented the Integrated Circuit?

--- Answer is-----> A) Jack Kilby

28. What type of software is Antivirus?

--- Answer is-----> A) Utility

29. Who developed the Linux OS?

--- Answer is-----> A) Linus Torvalds

30. Industry 4.0 is related to?

--- Answer is-----> A) America

31. UMANG App was developed by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) and National e-Governance Division (NeGD).

--- Answer is-----> B) True

32. Who founded the FSF?

--- Answer is-----> B) Richard Stallman

33. When was the DigiLocker facility launched?

--- Answer is-----> C) 1 July 2015

34. Which of the following feature should you use while typing in the Note textbox?

--- Answer is-----> B) Zoom

35. In B2B e-commerce, 'B' stands for Business.

--- Answer is-----> B) True

36. Which of these commands can you use to show one page of output at a time?
--- Answer is-----> A) Less

37. 'Trend Micro' is a _________.

--- Answer is-----> B) Antivirus program

38. A process that is repeated, evaluated, and refined is called?

--- Answer is-----> B) Interactive

39. Which of the following NIS clients find and store information about NIS domains and servers?

--- Answer is-----> C) Ypbind

40. Cloud computing is _________.

--- Answer is-----> B) Stateless

41. How would you write it to convert the cell reference C5:C9 to the absolute cell reference?

--- Answer is-----> B) $C$5:$C$9

42. Floppy disk is a plug and play device.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

43. We can get ifsc code from account number.

--- Answer is-----> B) True

44. What is the name of a computer program that simulates the thought processes of living beings?

--- Answer is-----> B) Expert System

45. In Windows 10, on which side of the start button is the search box located?

--- Answer is-----> A) Right

46. Most 3D printer prints must be used for food or drink.

--- Answer is-----> A) False

47. Which output device is used to translate information from computer into pictorial form on paper?

--- Answer is-----> B) Plotter

48. What is the default text written in the text area?

--- Answer is-----> D) Click to add text

49. The primary goal of financial management is__

--- Answer is-----> D) Maximizing Owners' Wealth

50. Which is the first process started by Linux kernel?

--- Answer is-----> C) Init

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