CCC Online Test in English | CCC Practice Set - 2 (English)

ccc online test 50 questions english

CCC Online Test 50 Questions in English

01. What is the shortcut to zoom chrome?

--- Answer is----> C) Ctrl + +

02. What does PoS (Point of Sale) not work?

--- Answer is-----> A) Promotion

03. What to write Email?

--- Answer is-----> A) Compose

04. Numbers in calc are right aligned

--- Answer is-----> B) True

05. What is called inserting line under text in Writer

--- Answer is-----> A) Underline

06. Which bar is below at the title bar?

--- Answer is-----> C) Menu bar

07. Which statement is incorrect for DigiLocker?

--- Answer is-----> B) It is not secure

08. What is the text that you click on to navigate from one web page to another?

--- Answer is-----> C) Hyperlink

09. Email address of two friends can be same

--- Answer is-----> B) False

10. Can we use Windows 2000 OS for a server

--- Answer is-----> A) True

11. What is a clipboard?

--- Answer is-----> C) it stores temporarily cut or copied text

12. Al is able to tell the number of patients in the hospital

--- Answer is-----> A) True

13. Who makes the interface between hardware and computer?

--- Answer is-----> A) Operating System

14. The full name of OTP is one time password
--- Answer is-----> A) True

15. What is internet etiquette

--- Answer is-----> C) Good behavior on the internet

16. When did commercial paper start in India?

--- Answer is-----> B) 1990

17. Which topology does have the most cable?

--- Answer is-----> D) Mesh

18. What is not used in Net or online banking?

--- Answer is-----> C) ATM pin

19. What is the full form of IIoT?

--- Answer is-----> B) Industrial Internet of things

20. what is the use of tag?

--- Answer is-----> C) Bold text

21. When did Net transactions begin in India?

--- Answer is-----> A) 1995

22. What is the shortcut for inserting a cell in LibreOffice Calc?

--- Answer is-----> D) Ctrl + +

23. Message comes after booking tickets with IRCTC

--- Answer is-----> A) Yes always

24. How many digits is the MMID?
--- Answer is-----> D) 7

25. OTP is secure password.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

26. Having changed the extension of the file, is difficult to find it.

--- Answer is-----> B) No

27. You can redo the undo content.

--- Answer is-----> A) Yes

28. Who is the founder of Bitcoin?

--- Answer is-----> A) Satashi Nakamato

29. Which printer gives best print quality?

--- Answer is-----> B) Inkjet printer

30. Loans up to Rs 500000 can be given in Mudra Yojana

--- Answer is-----> A) True

31. In Impress, the custom animation option is located in the task pane.

--- Answer is-----> A) False

32. In LibreOffice, the shortcut key to delete text at the beginning of a sentence is Ctrl+Shift+Backspace.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

33. Bullet and numbering option is in the ____________ menu of LibreOffice Writer

--- Answer is-----> A) Format

34. Protecting information from disclosure from unauthorized parties is called?

--- Answer is-----> C) Privacy

35. Full duplex transmission, limiting communication to only one direction.

--- Answer is-----> A) False

36. Under which menu is the Auto Filter option located in LibreOffice Calc?
--- Answer is-----> D) Data

37. Which command is used to print the file?

--- Answer is-----> D) lpr

38. An Impress slide can be controlled remotely.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

39. There is no risk of cyber attack in e-governance.

--- Answer is-----> B) False

40. You can create a new folder on the desktop.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

41. How would you write this to convert the cell reference $C$5:$C$9 to a relative cell reference?

--- Answer is-----> B) C5:C9

42. The Internet was originally the product of which agency?

--- Answer is-----> A) ARPA

43. What would you do to add a new row to a table?

--- Answer is-----> B) Go to the Insert menu of the table and click on Row Above or Row Below option

44. You need a web browser to view web pages on the Internet.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

45. ALU and CU are jointly known as_________

--- Answer is-----> C) CPU

46. A print job can be removed from the print queue by canceling the task from the printer.

--- Answer is-----> B) True

47. Udemy, Coursera, edx, are the example of?

--- Answer is-----> D) E-Learning

48.Who can use "" domain?

--- Answer is-----> B) Only Govt Employees

49. In MS Word, the selected part of the page can be printed.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

50. Which one of the following is not an office suite?

--- Answer is-----> D) Plush Office

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