CCC Online Test in English | CCC Practice Set - 3 (English)

ccc online test 50 questions english

CCC Online Test 50 Questions in English

01. How many bits size of IPV 6?

--- Answer is----> A) 128

02. What is trigger?

--- Answer is-----> C) An item on the slide that performs an action when clicked

03. In ATM, the CVV number is used to change the password for online transaction and net banking.

--- Answer is-----> B) No

04. OTP should be share to everyone.

--- Answer is-----> A) False

05. Where did param computer develop in India?
--- Answer is-----> C) Pune

06. What is the full form of Saarthi?

--- Answer is-----> B) Synergized advanced application raid travel help and information

07. What is the shortcut key for print preview in Impress Presentation?

--- Answer is-----> C) Ctrl + P

08. How many digits is the otp pin?

--- Answer is-----> A) 4-6-8

09. Which printer is use in PoS system?

--- Answer is-----> A) Thermal printer

10. Before pay through credit card first checking the beneficiary's account balance.

--- Answer is-----> B) False

11. What is the correct way to activate password?

--- Answer is-----> C) Register

12. To transact money through mobile wallet, 8 digit PIN and fingerprint are required.

--- Answer is-----> B) False

13. Who hasn't used 3D printer yet?

--- Answer is-----> C) Diamond

14. If the time and date are not correct in Window 10, which option would you click?

--- Answer is-----> D) Clock icon (Taskbar)

15. Which of the following is different?
--- Answer is-----> D) RBI

16. How to write maximum value A1 to A4?

--- Answer is-----> B) = Max (A1: A4)

17. What is the real name of Twitter?

--- Answer is-----> D) Status

18. The Incredible India Scheme is related to?

--- Answer is-----> D) Tourism

19. Who is the founder of Telegram?

--- Answer is-----> B) Pavel Durov and Nikolai

20. Sending an email is just like?

--- Answer is-----> A) Writing letters

21. What is the UPI limit for one day?

--- Answer is-----> C) 100000

22. The word computer is derived from which language?

--- Answer is-----> B) Latin

23. Which one is the latest browser?

--- Answer is-----> D) Edge

24. What is X-86?

--- Answer is-----> B) Processor

25. Iris scanning is not a source of biometric identification for banking

--- Answer is-----> B) False

26. When you start a web browser, then the first page to be loaded in the browser is called?

--- Answer is-----> D) Homepage

27. Firewall is the security layer for computer system.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

28. RTGS and NEFT works 24 * 7 except on holidays.
--- Answer is-----> B) False

29. The formula bar is available in MS Word

--- Answer is-----> B) False

30. Which of the following is not a financial function?

--- Answer is-----> C) SUM

31. Internet of Things can help farming by automating farming techniques.

--- Answer is-----> B) True

32. Which of the following is a man-made machine that can perform other tasks normally performed by humans?

--- Answer is-----> B) Robots

33. What happens if you press the 'CTRL + +' shortcut key after selecting the second row in LibreOffice Calc?

--- Answer is-----> D) A new row will be added above the selected second row

34. IP address is divided into sections of ______________?

--- Answer is-----> A) 1 Byte

35. There is a unique ID associated with the digital locker?

--- Answer is-----> B) Aadhar card

36. Which of the following is the best method of communication?

--- Answer is-----> A) Email

37. The part of the CPU that coordinates the activities of all other computer components?

--- Answer is----->C) CU

38. Which of the following UCO Bank has announced that it will raise 271 crores from LIC?

--- Answer is-----> B) Kolkata

39. Personal computers use multiple chips mounted on a single main circuit board. What is the common name for such a board?

--- Answer is-----> D) Motherboard

40. Which of the following is not true about rulers and guides?

--- Answer is-----> A) Ruler and guide print on slide

41. Which of the following commands is used to view the contents of a tar file without extracting it?

--- Answer is-----> D) tar-tvf backup-tar

42. Octal numbers have digits from 0 to 8.

--- Answer is-----> B) False

43. Time sharing system usually uses preemptive CPU scheduling.

--- Answer is-----> B) True

44. What is e-payment?

--- Answer is-----> D) Electronic payment for buying and selling via the Internet

45. Which of the following is not a component of e-governance?

--- Answer is-----> B) Financial component

46. One should immediately update the operating system and apps to avoid being an easy target for hackers.

--- Answer is-----> B) True

47. PhonePe is an example of what?

--- Answer is-----> A) e-wallet

48. What is the Forms feature in LibreOffice?

--- Answer is-----> D) Front-end process

49. What are the security measures mainly used by internet browsers?

--- Answer is-----> A) Along with warnings for suspicious sites, the connections are also encrypted.

50. A device that generates periodic signals to control the timing of all CPU operations?
--- Answer is-----> A) Clock

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