CCC Online Test in English | सीसीसी ऑनलाइन टेस्ट - 8

CCC Online Test 30 Questions in English

01. Which of the following view is not available in LibreOffice Impress?

--- Answer is----> D) Master

02. Which of these shortcut keys can we move from one program to another?

--- Answer is-----> C) Alt+ tab

03. Custom animation performed animation effects in a lists on the slides in order they insert in presentation.

--- Answer is-----> B) False

04. Slide layout command comes under which menu?

--- Answer is-----> C) Slide

05. What is the RTGS fee for a transfer from 2 lakh to 5 lakh?

--- Answer is-----> B) 25

06. What is DES?

--- Answer is-----> C) Data Encryption Standard

07. Which protocol is used to share audio and video?

--- Answer is-----> A) HLS (HTTP Live Streaming)

08. In presentation, movie and audio can be used simultaneously.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

09. Where can store Crypto Currency?

--- Answer is-----> C) Crypto wallet

10. What is a readymade sheet called in Calc?

--- Answer is-----> A) Spreadsheet

11. What is the use of Client-Server?

--- Answer is-----> C) Both

12. USSD work on?

--- Answer is-----> A) Phone

13. Which memory has to be constantly refreshed?

--- Answer is-----> B) DRAM

14. Which of the following is an ISP?

--- Answer is-----> D) Reliance

15. Outlook is a antivirus.

--- Answer is-----> A) False

16. Most Famous Social Networking site is?

--- Answer is-----> A) Facebook

17. What is the best computer for travelers?

--- Answer is-----> C) Laptop

18. Where was the conference of AI called in 1956?

--- Answer is-----> A) Dartmouth college Hanover, USA

19. What is the use slide sorter view?

--- Answer is-----> D) All of the above

20. What is the use of Fill down command?

--- Answer is-----> B) The written character is written down to all the selected cells.

21. Who is the first Indian browser released on 15 July 2010?

--- Answer is-----> C) Epic

22. What is max zoom in Impress?

--- Answer is-----> D) 3000

23. What will be the value of = Round (17342, -5)?

--- Answer is-----> A) 0

24. How many types of charts does have in Calc?

--- Answer is-----> A) 10

25. What is Fill permission 764?

--- Answer is-----> C) Everyone can read and write but owner alone can execute

26. Calc has this chart?

--- Answer is-----> B) Bubble

27. Interest is paid on bank savings deposits?

--- Answer is-----> B) Quarterly

28. What is the interest payable on term deposits?

--- Answer is-----> A) Every month

29. Linux is a?

--- Answer is-----> C) Both

30. To add a new worksheet in LibreOffice Calc, go to the File menu and click on the worksheet option.

--- Answer is-----> B) False

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