Mail Merge in LibreOffice Writer

What is Mail Merge-

Mail merge is a tool comes under many word processing software's such a MS Word, LibreOffice Writer, etc. is allows us to produce multiple documents from a single document using data source. You can use mail merge when you want to create a set of documents, such as a letter, email message that is send to many people. Each letter or email message has the same kind of information, yet the content is unique. For example, a school want to send invitation letters to parents requesting them to attend the annual sports day. The general layout of all the letters is the same. The letter vary from one another only in terms of  the recipient's name and his/her address. LibreOffice Writer provides useful features to create and print.

Create Mail Merge step by step-

Writer mail merge complete in 5 steps. To create mail merge click on Tool Menu>>Choose Mail Merge Wizard option to open it. Once you open mail merge wizard you will see the following features-

1. Select Starting Document- Under this step you can use following documents.
  • Use the current document
  • Create a New Document
  • Start from existing document
  • Start from template
2. Select Document Type- Under this option you can choose document type such as-

  • Letter- Send letters to a group of recipients. The letter can contain an address block and a salutation. Letter can be personalized for each recipient. 
  • Email Message- Send email messages to a group of recipients. The email messages can contain a salutation. email messages can be personalized for each recipient. 

3. Insert Address List- Select the address list containing the address data you want to use. This data is needed to create a address block. To create a address list block click on Select Address List option. Under the Select address block these option are available (See below figure). 

From here you can use Add, Remove, Create, Filter, Edit and change Table option. To create new address list click on Create button to open New Address List dialog box (See below figure). Here you can put address information of recipients list and click OK button and then save this address list in your system.

After saving this list file click on More button to open to create new address block (See below figure) and choose  New button and here drag and arrange the table element that you are using for recipients and click on OK  button.

Note- In table address block if you change the table element name then it needs to match the field by clicking Match Field button. If the address data match correctly click on Next button.

Create Salutation- 

You can add salutation (greeting words in your letter by checking it and click on Next button (See below image)

Adjust Layout-

In this you can adjust the address block position in your document according to need by from top spin box and click on Finish button. You can also adjust the address block in document by dragging it. After completing all steps type your letter and adjust it with address block element as you want and finally click on edit individual letter option from toolbar to reproduce all recipient letters. From here you can save, print and email these letters. 

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