CCC Online Test in English

CCC Online Test 30 Questions in English

01. Which of the following viruses does not replicate?

--- Answer is----> A) Trojan horse

02. The utility of e-wallet is not same as to?

--- Answer is-----> C) Credit Card

03. From which date all banks have started to share their ATM cost for the transaction?

--- Answer is-----> C) 1 April 2009

04. If the displayed time and date is wrong in the system, you can reset it using?

--- Answer is-----> C) Control Panel

05. Choose the largest to smallest order from given memory?

--- Answer is-----> B) TB.GB.MB.KB

06. Where was the 22nd National e-Governance Conference held in 2019?

--- Answer is-----> B) Meghalaya

07. Which one of the following menu options is used to start the automatic spell checker in LibreOffice Writer?

--- Answer is-----> C) Tools>Automatic Spell Checking

08. Presentation designs regulate the formatting and layout for the slide and are commonly known as?

--- Answer is-----> C) Templates

09. How to start a new presentation in Impress using?

--- Answer is-----> C) Both above

10. Phones that offer advanced features not typically found in cellular phones and are called smartphone.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

11. Which line speaks about the content of the message while sending e-mail?

--- Answer is-----> A) Subject

12. Which of the following is Spam?

--- Answer is-----> B) Junk Mail

13. Which of the following is a table option?

--- Answer is-----> D) All of above

14. On which of the following computers can thousands of people work at once?

--- Answer is-----> D) Mainframe Computer

15. How many sections in the sidebar of Impress?

--- Answer is-----> C) 7

16. When a hacker penetrates a network, this is a network security issue.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

17. What is maximum file name size in Linux in bytes?

--- Answer is-----> A) 255

18. Commands to create file in Linux is?

--- Answer is-----> D) All of above

19. Which command is used to check Linux version?

--- Answer is-----> A) uname -a

20. 'chown' command in Linux is used changes the users and/or group ownership of each given file.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

21. Name the network that covers geographical areas such as cities?

--- Answer is-----> B) MAN

22. Which devices is used for faster disposal of large number of cheques in the banking sector?

--- Answer is-----> D) MICR

23. DigiLocker cannot be used to?

--- Answer is-----> D) Buy documents

24. Choose the odd in given out?

--- Answer is-----> D) kernel

25. In which of the following web portals can users create their free e-mail account?

--- Answer is-----> D) All above

26. In LibreOffice Calc, in which menu is the merge cell command available?

--- Answer is-----> B) Format

27. Process or task in Linux is represented by?

--- Answer is-----> B) Task struct

28. Handout Master is defined by?

--- Answer is-----> D) Layout of handout

29. IRCTC stands for?

--- Answer is-----> D) Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation

30. Topology used for large networks is?

--- Answer is-----> B) Star

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