CCC Online Test in English

CCC Online Test 30 Questions in English

01. The main component of first generation computer are?

--- Answer is----> C) Vacumm Tube and Valves

02. Which of the standardized encoding mode is not using by QR code?

--- Answer is-----> D) Special Symbols

03. The programs available in CD-ROM generally virus free

--- Answer is-----> A) True

04. A group of 8 bits is used to represent a byte.

--- Answer is-----> A) True

05. In which generation of computers was the microprocessor used as a switching device?

--- Answer is-----> D) Fourth Generation

06. Which of these is the supercomputer of India?

--- Answer is-----> D) All of above

07. Individual who do not have bank account can deposit cash at the NEFT enabled branches, in such case what maximum amount can be transferred through NEFT?

--- Answer is-----> B) 50000

08. Where is the option of Export Direct as PDF?

--- Answer is-----> C) Both above

09. A printer's resolution is measured in DPI?

--- Answer is-----> A) True

10. A gateway is allocated only one IP-address, regardless of the gateway's connections?

--- Answer is-----> A) True

11. What is the shortcut of slide Show in impress presentation?

--- Answer is-----> B) F5

12. Which one is not a part of table tool in LibreOffice Presentation?

--- Answer is-----> C) Line Style

13. Every received email is stored in?

--- Answer is-----> D) Inbox

14. An electronic cheque is the form of...?

--- Answer is-----> C) Online banking

15. What are the main tasks to be done by computer?

--- Answer is-----> D) All of above

16. Which button delete the left side characters of the cursor?

--- Answer is-----> A) Backspace

17. The horizontal and vertical lines on the worksheet are called?

--- Answer is-----> B) Grid line

18. SMTP is used to deliver messages to?

--- Answer is-----> C) both

19. What is size of MAC address in bits?

--- Answer is-----> B) 48 bits

20. Pokemon Go Game is based on which type of reality?

--- Answer is-----> A) Virtual Reality

21. Which bank is the first to start a credit card?

--- Answer is-----> B) Central Bank of India

22. What is the full form of WAP?

--- Answer is-----> A) Wifi Protected Access

23. What is the shortcut key for maximizing a cell in Libreoffice Calc?

--- Answer is-----> B) Alt+Right Arrow

24. What is the shortcut key for minimizing a cell length in Libreoffice Calc?

--- Answer is-----> C) Alt+Left arrow

25. QR code was developed by?

--- Answer is-----> A) DENSO WAVE

26. Flipkart and Amazon are example of?

--- Answer is-----> B) E-Commerce

27. Who invented CD (Compact Disk)?

--- Answer is-----> D) James T. Russel

28. SIM is stand for?

--- Answer is-----> C) Subscriber Identification Module

29. What do you employ to mention someone in a WhatsApp group?

--- Answer is-----> D) @

30. What is RTS?

--- Answer is-----> A) Real Time Strategy

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