IoT Design Methodology | आईओटी डिजाइन पद्धति

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IoT design methodology that includes the following steps-

Step 1- IoT system design methodology, the first step is to define the purpose and requirement of the system. In this step, the system purpose, behavior and requirements such as data collection, data analysis, system management, data privacy and security, user interface requirements etc. are gathered.

Step 2- In the second step of IoT design methodology is used to define the process specification.

Step 3- In third step, the domain model is define. The domain model describe the main concepts, entities, and objects in the domain of iot system to be designed. Domain model defines the attribute of the object and relationship between objects. Domain model provide and abstract representation of the concepts, object, and entities in the IoT domain, independent of any specific technology or platform.

Step 4- In the fourth step of IoT design methodology is to define the information model. Information model defines the structures of all the information in the IoT system, for example, attributes of virtual entities, relations, etc.  Information model does not describe the specifics of how the information is represented or stored. 

Step 5- In the fifth step of IoT design methodology is to define the service specifications, means service types, service input/output, service endpoint, service schedules, service preconditions and service effects.

Step 6- In the sixth step of IoT design methodology is to define the IoT level for the system.

Step 7- In the seventh step of IoT design methodology is to define the Functional view (FV). The Functional view defines the functions of IoT systems grouped into various Functional groups. 

Step 8- In the eighth step of IoT design methodology is to define the operational view of specifications, such as service hosting options, storage options, device options, application hosting options etc. 

Step 9- The ninth step in the IoT design methodology is the integration of the devices and components.

Step 10- The final step in the IoT design methodology is to develop the IoT application.

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