Logical and Physical Design of IoT

Logical and Physical Design of IoT:-

Logical design of an IoT system refers to an abstract representation of the entities and processes without going into the low-level detail of the implementation. The logical design is more conceptual and abstract than the physical design. In the logical design, you look at the logical relationships among the objects. In the physical design you look at the most effective way of storing and retrieving the objects. Here, physical design means more than creating products, but forming an overall intelligent system. Your design should be oriented toward the needs of the end users.

Comparison of logical and physical design:-

Logical Design

Physical Design

It is a high-level design without any detail

It is very detailed

Here focus is on satisfying the design factors such as requirements, risks, assumptions, and constraints.

Here focus is on specific solutions i.e., how they are assembled and configured.

It can be graphical, textual or both.

It is more graphical than textual, but can be both.

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